Схемы работы

We have tried to make the process of ordering our products as accessible as possible, so it does not matter if our office is in your city, or you can interact with us only remotely. In any case, our work is aimed at ensuring that the order process does not cause you any trouble.

I stage

At the first stage of the work you can:

If you want to reserve a monument:

  • You can choose the model you like with or without additional options in our online catalog.
  • You can get acquainted with our "Catalog of monuments" and "Our works", choose from there a suitable model and inform our manager about it.

If you want to order a table top:

  • You can fill out the order form in the "Worktops" section after choosing the type of granite, and our manager will contact you within the next 24 hours with the estimated cost of your countertop.

If you want to order tiles, paving blocks, slabs, steps or other granite products:

You can choose the type of stone you like in our online catalog, and our manager will soon contact you to clarify the remaining details and process the order.

To come to our office or to manufacture for ordering:

  • In our office you will have the opportunity to choose a product from catalogs and also on additional photos, to get acquainted with samples of some stones *.
  • At us on manufacture you can choose a product under catalogs and also on additional photos, to look our production at an exhibition, to estimate their quality, to familiarize with samples of some stones *.

* - Presence of samples of stones please clarify in advance.

Order the service "departure manager".

If you do not want to spend time on a trip to our office and work remotely by phone or electronically, you can call our manager at a convenient place for you at the appointed time *. 

According to Korostyshev, the "exit manager" service is free.

II stage

At the second stage of the work we sign the contract with you, after which you make an advance payment in any way convenient for you (see section "Payment and delivery").

III stage

At the third stage we carry out your order qualitatively and in time *.

* - You have the opportunity at any time to make sure of the quality of your order (for example, asking us to send a photo of the order, etc.)

IV stage

At the fourth stage, a full calculation takes place and we deliver the ready order to the place you specified (see the section "Payment and delivery") or with the help of the transport company. Of course, you can also pick up the finished product from our warehouse. Also, if the installation of the product is required, either our assembly team or our partners will make a quality installation of the product (see "Installation and Warranty").