Korostyshev, st. Rozhdestvenskaya, 93

Manufacturing and installation of a memorial complex for Czech soldiers of the Second World War. Bakhmach.

In early spring 2019, orders were accepted for a memorial complex for the fallen Czech soldiers of World War II in Ukraine, Bakhmach. In addition, the project included: a memorial plaque with the coat of arms and the names of all the victims. Works performed:

  • design and development of the model for the customer;
  • recommendations for the selection of the type of stone (demonstration of the stone to the customer in a personal meeting in our office);
  • production of all details of the memorial complex;
  • packing and delivery to the burial place;
  • installation of a memorial complex;
  • accompanying care advice.

Phones for order consultation:

+38 (097) 299-05-66

+38 (066) 448-28-22