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Delivery of granite monuments and payment terms

Granite monument delivery options

Today there are several ways to pick up what is made in our workshop granite monument .

Option-1. Self Delivery

We agree with you on the date and time of your arrival to our company in G. Korostyshev , and you pick up the details of the completed granite monument from our finished product warehouse.

Option-2. our delivery

Delivery of the monument, or the second granite product, by our transport for a previously agreed amount from Korostyshev to any locality in Ukraine (except for the occupied territories). Granite delivery price the direction depends on the distance (length of the route), as well as the weight of the cargo, and is negotiated individually, because it can be ordered and granite wholesale and a huge truck will have to go.

Option-3. delivery by transport companies for cargo transportation: Novaya Pochta, Intime, Deliveri, etc .

We bring and ship products to the warehouse of the cargo carrier company in our city. Then the cargo is processed and arrives in accordance with the rules of this very transport company.

Payment options for granite products

We always go to meet our customers on all issues, including in the process of paying for our services and purchasing our products. In general cases we have two ways to pay for granite products : cash or non-cash list.


granite monument fee

If you order granite products from our office, you will most likely prefer to pay in cash.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, it is possible:

  • one hundred percent payment for the order;
  • prepayment in the amount of 50% or 30%;
  • providing an interest-free installment plan for up to 6 months: the initial deposit is 50% of the total order amount, and the remaining funds are paid in installments according to the installment agreement.

As soon as the obligations under the contract are fulfilled, you will be able to pick up the finished product from our warehouse or we will arrange delivery for you.


payment for granite by bank transfer

If you prefer a non-cash payment, then at the time of placing the order, the manager issues an invoice that you can pay at your bank.