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Installation of granite monuments, installation of granite products in the cemeteries of Ukraine

Installing a monument - this is a process that involves pouring a concrete foundation on the grave of the deceased, assembling and installing parts of the tombstone structure (the monument itself). The process of installing granite monuments and complexes can consist of several stages. This is especially true for the installation of memorial complexes made of granite, where it is necessary to mount not only a monument on the grave family, but also to improve the entire territory.

installation of monuments from Korostyshev

Improvement of the burial site it includes dismantling old elements of a concrete (or stone) monument, metal old fence, cleaning and cleaning of the site. All these are necessary actions that can be performed by the installation team even before the start of the monument installation process. And after it, this list can be continued further: this is the Facing of a concrete platform granite tiles , installation of a fence around the perimeter of the burial site, and complete cleaning of the territory after all installation work. It also happens that the removal of garbage, and the import of land (chernozem/sand) or decorative stones is added here to fall asleep in the frame from the curbs of the flower garden, etc.there are a lot of options for improving the grave, and there can be so many types of work, as many as the customer is willing to pay for these services, or until a specific one is obtained the purpose of all these works is a beautifully and well - designed grave with an installed ritual complex.

Our installation team

Our team consists of specialists who have work experience installation of monuments for more than 10 years. In addition, they are builders who perform all foundation work responsibly, and actually work as if preparing the foundation for the House. All materials take only their own, because they use only high-quality and proven brands of cement and glue on Granite, buy selected crushed stone and sand, reliable reinforcement. They work only with a proven tool, which never fails in operation: the team has its own portable electric substation, a huge barrel of water. In addition, these are not only installers, but also people who are primarily experienced working with stone : they can cut granite tiles (if necessary), make the necessary chamfers in place, drill holes, make a high-quality Assembly before installation.

Cost of installing monuments, prices

Monument installation price it starts from 3500 UAH for a standard set of ordinary small sizes. And then everything depends on the complexity of the monument itself, on the size of its details, their number and complexity of their installation. In addition, there are many associated nuances, such as the distance from the road to the grave, the distance that the team needs to go to, etc.all this certainly affects the final cost of improving the grave and directly installing the monument.

However our team of installers delivers and installs monuments in any region of Ukraine (except for the combat zone in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions) and the occupied Crimea. Of course, there are cases when the installation of a monument by our team is very unprofitable, if the monument is ordered the most budget-friendly (for example monument price 5500 UAH), and it needs to be installed in a cemetery in Odessa ( where to go 600 km). Here, only the road will cost the customer almost twice as much as the cost of the monument, + installation in the area of 4000 UAH. in such cases, the departure of our masters to long distances is unprofitable for the client. Therefore, it is under such circumstances that we offer delivery of monuments New mail or others.a cargo transportation company.

After how long from the funeral can I install a monument?

We recommend installing a monument, when 1 hour has passed since the burial . During this period, the earth sinks, the coffin falls through, that is, natural processes occur that, if this rule is not observed, can lead to the monument's tilt or destruction. In addition, it is not advisable to perform earthworks and fill the foundation at low air temperatures (five degrees of heat - not lower).