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Installation of granite monuments, installation of granite products in the cemeteries of Ukraine

installation of monuments from Korostysh

Establishing a monument is a process that includes the pouring of a concrete foundation on the grave of the deceased and the installation of details of the grave structure.

The beautification of the burial site includes the dismantling of the old elements of the concrete or stone monument, the old metal fence and the cleaning of the site. These actions can be performed by the team of installers even before the start of the monument installation process. And then there is the facing of the concrete platform with granite tiles, the installation of the fence around the perimeter of the burial place and the complete cleaning of the area after all the installation work. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove garbage and bring earth (black earth/sand) or decorative stones to fill in the frame of flower garden borders, etc.

The result is a beautifully and qualitatively decorated grave with an established ritual complex.

Our installation crew

Our team consists of specialists who have more than 10 years of experience in the installation of monuments. In addition, they are builders who carry out all foundation work with responsibility, and really work as if they are preparing the foundation for a house. They use only high-quality and proven brands of cement and glue for granite, selected crushed stone and sand, reliable fittings. The brigade has its own portable power station. Installers can immediately cut the granite tiles as needed, make the necessary chamfers in place, drill holes, and make high-quality assembly even before installation.

Cost of erecting monuments, prices

The price of installing the monument starts from UAH 3,500. for a standard set of ordinary small sizes. And then everything depends on the complexity of the monument, the size of its parts, their number and the complexity of their installation. In addition, there are many accompanying nuances, such as the distance from the road to the grave, the distance the crew needs to travel, etc. All this, of course, affects the final cost of beautification of the grave and direct installation of the monument.

However, our team of installers delivers and installs monuments in any region of Ukraine (except the war zone in Donetsk and Luhansk regions) and occupied Crimea. Of course, there are cases that the installation of a monument by our team is not very profitable, if the most budget monument is ordered (for example, the price of the monument is UAH 5,500), and it needs to be installed at a cemetery in Odesa (600 km away). Here, only the road will cost the customer almost twice as much as the cost of the monument, plus installation in the region of UAH 4,000. In such cases, the departure of our masters over long distances is unprofitable for the client. Therefore, precisely under such circumstances, we offer the delivery of monuments by Nova Poshta or others. freight company.

How long after the funeral can a monument be erected?

We recommend installing a monument when 1 year has passed since the burial. During this period, the ground subsides, the coffin falls, that is, natural processes occur, which, if this rule is not followed, can lead to the tilting of the monument or its destruction. In addition, it is not desirable to carry out earthworks and foundation pouring at low air temperatures (five degrees of heat - not lower).