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Why our customers are always satisfied

ORLAN LLC has been working in the field of granite processing since 1998. During this time, the team won a stable place in a number of the largest Ukrainian enterprises of this profile, and also successfully launched on the international market.

Over the years, the company has successfully cooperated with leading companies in the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, and Moldova. Since 2021, together with the Romanian company "Monumente Funerare Granit", we have developed and started the joint production of architectural monuments from granite and accessories for them.

By contacting our company, you will appreciate the high craftsmanship and excellent taste of real professionals who make products from natural stone. Our work is distinguished by the impeccable quality of services, a wide range of products offered to our customers, promptness of order fulfillment and affordable prices.

On the company website, you can familiarize yourself with the products in detail and appreciate the beauty and high quality of our work, as well as get professional advice on choosing the material for your order.

Orlan inc. - Family business located in Korostyshiv, Ukraine.

We pride ourselves on excellent service, quality and fair prices. You can choose one of many different granite products or order an exclusive (monument, memorial complex, fireplace, windowsill, paving stones, stairs). We can create a 3-D model of a monument of any complexity.

Order a standard monument in Ukraine

We make vertical and horizontal grave monuments and install tombstones in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Korostyshov. Vertical monuments are most often single, while horizontal monuments can be intended for two or more deceased. In addition to choosing the type of monument (vertical or horizontal), we also provide the option of choosing the quality of the black stone. Optimum quality involves making the monument from Bukinsky gabbro (black, fine-grained, homogeneous stone), and the economy option - from "local" stone (black, medium-grained, sometimes with inclusions).

Sale of vertical monuments

Vertical tombstones are currently the most common type of granite monuments, as they are installed for one person. Our company has been selling vertical monuments since its inception, so any of your wishes regarding the model, artistic finish, size, quality of the stone will be realized in the best possible way.

Catalog of monuments

Orlan granite workshop can produce a project of any complexity according to the individual requirements of the client, but if you are interested in typical models of standard monuments with a price, in the online catalog you will find a large selection of possible designs.