Korostyshev, st. Rozhdestvenskaya, 93

A little about our stone processing company in Korostyshiv

Orlan Inc. - family business located in Korostyshev, Ukraine.

We are proud of our excellent service, quality and excellent prices. You can choose one of many different granite products or order your own exclusive one(monuments, memorial complexes, fireplaces, window sills, paving stones, steps). We can create a 3-D model of your monument of any complexity.

We are always here to help you choose the perfect monument for your loved one.

Creation of all types of monuments and various granite products in Ukraine, EU and CIS countries since 2005.

Order a standard monument in Ukraine

We produce vertical and horizontal lines monuments to the grave and we install tombstones in Kiev, Zhytomyr, Korostyshev. Vertical monuments most often, single ones, while horizontal monuments they can be intended for two or more deceased people. In addition to choosing the type of Monument (vertical or horizontal), we also provide our clients with the opportunity to choose qualities of black stone . Optimal quality provides for the production of a monument from Bukin gabbro (black fine – grained, homogeneous stone), and economy quality-from “local” stone (black medium-grained, sometimes interspersed).

Sale of vertical monuments

Vertical lines tombstone today, they are the most common type of granite monuments, since they are designed for one person, usually, and provide an opportunity to honor the memory of each deceased person in a very individual way. Our company has been selling vertical monuments since its foundation in 2000, so any wish you have about the model, artistic processing, dimensions, and quality of the vertical monument stone will be realized in the best possible way.

monument catalog

Our granite workshop "Orlan” it can produce a project of any complexity according to the individual requirements of the client, but if you are interested in typical ones models of standard monuments with a price tag then in the online catalog we offer a large selection of possible designs.Here you will find monuments with a cross, with a channel, in the form, with a thread, with a “wave”, monuments-“chasovni”, etc. catalog .